I’ve Given Up Checking My Medium Stats

And I feel epic

Joseph Yossarian


Screenshot of a Medium post The Angel of the North, showing more blue external views than green internal ones.
The dreaded blue plague (Screenshot)

Even though the days are getting colder, and I face a winter of high energy costs, I have been walking with something of a spring in my step these past few days, and a smile on my face.

My felicity has nothing to do with a lottery win, or being pronged in the gluteus maximus by Cupid’s arrow, but rather I have shaken off the yoke of my Medium statistics. And I feel epic, as an old TV ad used to say.

I’ve been round the block

As a newcomer, I didn’t come to the platform as some star-struck writer who thought great riches were only a few well-written stories away. I’ve been round the block a bit, having arrived at Medium via Helium, Triond, HubPages and Bubblews. Out of those, the only one I made any worthwhile money at was Bubblews, but that platform’s model was doomed to fail. So, didn’t hold out any hope of making money on my latest venture.

I soon saw that my work was earning very little, and so whenever I checked my Medium stats, I would only look at the page views and member stats. There was no point in viewing the paltry sum my stories had earned, as I could tell by the graph showing views that there would be no need to trouble those in the financial department.

Blue plague of external views

But, even those of my stories that have attracted a decent number of views, and in my pathetic case, a decent number is anything above thirty, are overrun by the dreaded blue plague of external views. To give you an example, one of my best-performing stories, The Angel of the North, currently has 130 views, of which 124 are external, and a paltry six are internal.

But, as a certain singer once assured us, it’s not about the money. Despite Samuel Johnson famously saying that no-one but a block-head wrote, except for money, I can gain some satisfaction from having my work read. I don’t subscribe to vanity projects that ask for submissions where publication is the only reward (unless I strongly agree with the cause). Nor do I enter writing competitions that demand entry fees, particularly those that demand sums above the administration costs they cite as the reason for the expense.



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