Is Content or Marketing More Important?

Joseph Yossarian
3 min readAug 27, 2022

How important is SEO in Medium stories?

Wooden scrabble tiles, reading SEO
SEO, the three-letter turn-off (Photo by NisonCo PR and SEO on Unsplash)

My brother recently emailed me a heads-up for a job vacancy as copywriter. That was right up my street, as I bang out copy like Boris Johnson knocks out babies.

Job Specification

To have a regular stream of paid work would be like going back to my old freelance days, so I read the job specification with keen interest. Some of the qualities they were seeking included:

Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability, style and consistency.

Heck, man, that’s what I do.

Conducting face to face and telephone interviews with a wide range of people for story mining and content generation.

During my time as as editor of two magazines, I carried out interviews, both face-to-face and over the phone, with people in everyday jobs, and some famous names. As Yosser Hughes might have put it, I can do that.

Develop content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, web pages and press releases for a portfolio of clients.

Again, been there, done that. I’ve written web copy on such diverse subjects as Indian head massage, ocean drum therapy and how to keep pigeons off your property. I’ve also compiled my share of press releases.

Proofreading content for errors and inconsistencies.

With my previous magazine experience, I’m just the byo for that (see what I did there?)

Bump in the Road

It was all looking good, but then, I hit the first bump in the road.

Writing for SEO including landing page and meta content.

“Oh, crap,” I said, “it’s not going to be one of those, is it?” Unfortunately, it was. For one thing, I have no idea what the phrases landing page, and meta content even refer to, and further, I have absolutely zero desire to enlighten myself in that regard.

Then there’s the old chestnut SEO. In my aforementioned position as web copy writer, I did look into the workings of SEO way back in 2007, but I never got it. I never wanted to get it, because I found it tedious in the extreme.



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